BAOBOB is the acronym for Bay area Org of Black Owned Businesses. And that’s no accident.  We take pride in the natural connection between our name and the baobab tree.  One of the oldest species of trees on the planet, the baobab tree is indigenous to the African content and commonly known as the “tree of life” because every part of the baobob tree nourishes the people around it…  the leaves, the fruit, even the roots and the trunk itself.  We are committed to making everything we produce as useful to our community as the baobab tree is the world around it.

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About Us


The dedicated folks behind it all.



YaVette's work centers around collective economics as a means of returning power to the people. She's committed to pushing the boundaries of intentional commerce.



Elvis is a designer with a thorough appreciation of cultures and enthusiastic about growing at all levels.


Operations Manager

EB (pronounced Eb) truly sees "life" as processes and the bigger picture. However you need to get to the "end" of something, she can figure out how to accomplish it. EB is committed to ensuring the body of BAOBOB functions as it needs to.

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