What Can A Public Bank Do?

A Public Bank Can Move Large Amounts of Money to Support Black Owned Business

We have an opportunity to tell them how we want it done.   

Why is This Important?

Imagine a bank that prioritized the interests of community over profit.  Imagine if that bank were run by a board that you could join.  Imagine if that same bank was committed to offering lending and investment tools that were custom built to meet the needs expressed by their borrowers. We recently learned that this exact type of bank, Public Bank East Bay, is in development right now in Oakland. When it comes together, it will be only the second in the country.  That’s right, once again Oakland provides a blueprint for the nation. In 2019, Governor Newsom approved AB-857, giving the highly anticipated green light for this new type of bank in California.  

How Can You Assist?

Please join us in letting Friends of the Public Bank know how and with what they can be most effective in serving the borrowing needs of Black-owned businesses in Oakland.

We’re conducting brief interviews and compiling the report that will accompany their formation application to the State Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

  • If you’d like to be heard, please click below to schedule a brief (as in under 30 minutes) interview.
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Either way, BAOBOB has put in the work to stay up on the progress of a Public in the East Bay because we see value potential to our members and business community.  It’s our whole purpose to be sure your voice is accurately heard in the bank’s development process.  So much so that we’re offering gifts and gratitudes for your time and attention.   

  • BAOBOB Seed Level Business Membership to the first 20 survey respondents
  • $10 Unity Gift Card to everyone we interview

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The Unity Card is REAL money.  It is an exclusive digital spending card branded by BAOBOB and can be accepted with ANY point of sales system that accepts Master Card.  With the Unity Card you will be able to:
  • Increase visibility to your business and expand your customer base.
  • Attract customers outside of your immediate area.
  • Accept payments in person and/or virtually (online).
  • Be a part of an exclusive network.
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