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Complete Application and Payment

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  • BAOBOB Membership is $125.00 per year 
  • Check out all of the benefits and add-on options below



Complete Next Steps

  • Once we receive your payment, you will receive a checklist to complete the next steps. 



We promote your business

  • We will promote your business on all Social Media platforms
  • You will also receive a copy of your personal promo graphics to use on your end



Get ready for the overflow!

  • Be prepared for customers to intentionally support your business

BAOBOB Business Membership Benefits

Your business listing will remain active on the official mobile app.  The mobile app can be accessed via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Your business will also be included in the Unity Card gift card network. Unity Card holders have committed dollars that will spent exclusively with BAOBOB members.  The Unity Card Network drives dollars to the network by way of  gift cards (Value $5 to $250.00)

Your membership confirmation includes:

  • FB and IG welcome shout out post. Also added to Members Highlight on IG profile.
  • Unity Network welcome post.
  • Your business logo in BUSINESSES YOU WANT TO KNOW section on the website home page for 2 weeks.

Your BAOBOB membership earns you discounts and other special benefits with many of our community partners like California Green Business Network, Oakstop, Earthseed Farm and more!

Your business will be featured during partnered events in our virtual marketplace.   Events like : Life Is Living,BAOBOB’s Black Friday event and more.  Depending on the partner, additional vendor fees may apply.

With this option, customers will be able to leave real-time reviews on your directory listing page.

Your business will appear in BAOBOB MEMBERS YOU WANT TO KNOW  section of the home page of the official BAOBOB website for six months.

Your business will appear in BAOBOB MEMBERS YOU WANT TO KNOW  section of the home page of the official BAOBOB website for twelve months.

Filmed at your location,  A one stop connection to support our members to add pro video to their marketing arsenal.  members only deal with producer Desmond O'Shea will help you put together a professional video promo (5 minutes and under) for your business. Location and schedule restrictions apply. 

We will feature your business on IG account multiple times within a 24 hour period.  We will also host up to 10 minute IG live, featuring you discussing your current promotion, product or service.